What the Tech? | Augmented Intelligence

A Misunderstood Buzzword

Artificial Intelligence is likely the most exciting, controversial, yet misunderstood technology of our day. There’s a million possibilities! Let’s start simple, by understanding one of them. 

One way of thinking about artificial intelligence is called Augmented intelligence. It sounds a lot like Artificial Intelligence, but it’s a perspective towards humans being “in-the-loop” with the computer. It combines machine learning with the human capability to get things done quicker and easier.

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You think this is out of a Sci-Fi movie- but the truth is, we are already augmenting our intelligence with products at home and work.

So far, most products that use AI involve human interaction with a machine. We’re not quite there with the “black box”-type AI that can operate autonomously. However, the technology is maturing enough to see tangible benefit to our lives. From business analytics to our home IoT (Internet-of-Things) products, the landscape is changing. 

Consumer Products – Tesla & Currux Vision

If you’ve seen their sleek vehicles, you would admire all the technology at your fingertips. There’s a joke that you could think of Tesla vehicles as computers on wheels. 

The dashboard of a Tesla vehicle. That’s a whole lot of screen.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has ambitious plans for autonomous vehicles. With the current 650,000 plus Tesla vehicles are connected directly to the cloud, data is being collected that will extend capabilities and optimization of the vehicles for automated driving in the future. All of these upgrades are capable via software update. It’s this combination of a neural network for vision, sonar, and radar processing on board that augments the user’s experience in the car. 

Tesla’s Autopilot feature allows you to change lanes. For now.

With it, their Autopilot feature is currently possible, which can allow your car to steer, accelerate and brake on its own. While the vehicle is not autonomous, this is a perfect example of “augmented intelligence”. Ever miss your highway exit? The autopilot can help steer your vehicle to the right place. 

If you don’t have a Tesla, Currux Vision is the mobile software that uses GPS position, offline navigation and a driver assistant system that mounts onto your car. Your phone can predict collisions, and lane changes. 

Business Products – Qlik & Amazon Augmented AI

“The AI paradox is a simple notion. People think AI will make analytics less human, replacing human decision making. But the truth is, AI actually makes analytics more human.”

Qlik, Deeper Insights and Data-driven Decisions Through AI

Qlik is a great example of how augmented intelligence will transform the workplace. They see AI as a disruptive force, and incorporated it in their analytics software. With a digital assistant called Qlik Sense, it is able to provide suggestions to humans, and help accelerate a company’s use of data. All of this is done from conversational, natural language processing. This is similar to how our own bots at Chatnels understands users.

Photo from Amazon

Amazon does a lot more than offer online goods. As a part of Amazon Web Service (AWS), Amazon Augmented AI gives humans the capability to review machine learning predictions. With built-in human review workflows for things such as content moderation and text extraction, it combines human intuition with powerful machine-learning (ML) applications. You can step in at any time, whenever the AI is unable to make a prediction, or requires audit. It’s the right mix of automation and human piloting that makes Amazon Augmented AI a powerful tool that integrates with other services.

What’s Next

There’s Neuralink, another startup from Elon Musk takes things a bit further. Not for the squeamish, it introduces an implantable device for the brain. It contains wireless chips that will connect the human brain to external devices. For now, it aims to treat brain or spine related disorders, but Musk sees the implants as having potential to enhance the human brain with artificial intelligence. 

This is not a matter of having another cool product, but there are implications for a new frontier of human and computer interaction in the future. “Superhuman intelligence” could be possible – where our human productivity, and intellect could be changed forever.

Bring AI to your Organization

That’s a lot to take in! At its core, augmented intelligence is a “friendship” between humans and technology. Artificial intelligence is something that needs us, just as much as we need it. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

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