Configure your hub to meet your needs

Chatnels provides you with powerful tools to grow and scale your organization.

Chat Management Tools

What are Lines?

  • Lines help you organize chats in designated topics or departments
  • Direct Lines are each team member’s Personal Line where chats can be initiated or transferred directly

What are Hosts?

  • Assign members of your team as Hosts to view chats on Lines together as a team
  • Hosts can assist with incoming chats on a Line they are assigned to
  • All Hosts on a Line can see an ongoing chat, even when you’re not assisting a particular person

Chat Navigation

  • Seamlessly collaborate with your team for complex inquiries by inviting them into chat sessions on-the-fly
  • Save chat context in one place using chat transfer for painless user hand-offs

Inbox Manager

  • Avoid agent collision and inbox confusion by monitoring chat statuses to prioritize urgent interactions
  • Track how engagements are going and transfer chats to the right person for the right tasks

Reports & Analytics

  • Track team chat usage and make data-driven decisions
  • Identify optimization opportunities and enhance workflow efficiency with a detailed reports dashboard

Speed Up Development With a Flow Bot

Bot Assessments

Build Robust Workflows

  • Design directly on the platform
  • Drag, drop, and connect nodes to create logical flows and paths
  • Generate conversational assessments and automate repetitive tasks

Conversational Flows

Customize Rule-Based Bots

  • Build multiple bots that answer your FAQ and client inquiries
  • Input vales, trigger action responses, and tag conversations
  • Route users towards resources or representatives with conditional logics 

Bot Configurator

Configure & Deploy

  • Assign your bots to specific inquiries or topics
  • Integrate with your business’ systems using webhooks
  • Configure and deploy bots on-demand, then assign them to your line and watch them go live 


Your user interaction hub, configurable, customizable, and white-labelled. No coding required.


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