Workflow Chat Optimization: Unlock Higher Productivity

With more businesses moving online, workflows and workflow chat become more and more important in driving success. 

What are workflows? 

Workflows are how people complete tasks at the workplace. They are often in a sequence of steps that need to be finished. They are everywhere in an organization. 

Let’s say you own an e-commerce store:

A client would put in an order, you then receive the information and pull the items out from your inventory, then ship it to your customer. That process is a workflow that includes the necessary steps for you to satisfy an online order. 

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What is workflow chat?

Workflow chats represent the communication that bridges between each step of your workflow. This could include the communication between you and your clients, team members, and other stakeholders involved. If workflows are layers of cake, workflow chat is the icing in between the layers that holds the cake together. 


Why is workflow chat optimization important to your organization?

1. Productivity

We have all experienced a workday filled with one ping after the other. From email to Slack notifications, from client inquiries to team lunch updates, we get bombarded by inbound messages from multiple platforms. 

On average, email takes up to 28% of total work time within a workweek, while 13% of those emails are spams. As a result, employees need to sift through dozens of them a day to figure out which ones are relevant and reply. 

Therefore, consolidating your workflow chat into one hub can ensure that employees don’t spend redundant time dealing with email clutter and keeping track of updates from multiple platforms. 

Studies show that improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise the productivity of employees by 20% to 25%. 

2. Customer Experience 

Have you ever reached out to a customer service representative and was told that they can’t help with your problems? You then get passed around from agents to agents without getting any constructive response. This frustrating workflow process happens more often than you think.

Ineffective workflow chat can lead to lower customer satisfaction levels. Therefore, the ability to quickly route messages to the right person for the right task ensures a killer customer experience.  

One way to alleviate this pain-point is to have an omnichannel platform where inquiries can be easily and quickly transferred to agents with the corresponding expertise and knowledge.

3. Business Objectives 

Data, data, data. It is the backbone of any business decisions. Monitoring and analyzing your workflow chat can help you optimize customer engagement rates, recognize silos within your organization, and plan your resources efficiently. 

For example, you can track the number of minutes it takes for an agent to resolve a customer complaint and plan out your workforce accordingly. There is never too much data. In this day in age, the better-informed you are about your organization and your customers, the smarter your business is. 

How can you optimize your workflow chat using Chatnels?

Chatnels is an AI-enhanced communications hub. Our digital assistants can automate your workflow chat with Augmented Intelligence, so you can spend more time on adding value for your customers. We make it easy for you to route messages, host conferences and view all of your chat statuses in one tab. 

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