How To Make Your Workflow Work For You

It’s Monday morning, the start of your work week. If you’re like most busy business people your day may go a little something like this:

  • Firstly, checking your inbox – it’s full of emails which you need to reply to by the end of the day (sigh).
  • Next, noticing your calendar is already starting to fill up with numerous calls and meetings with your clients.
  • Then there’s the internal communication scheduled with your teams… video calls, meetings…
  • And finally, let’s not forget that administrative paperwork.

That seemed overwhelming just writing about it. And it’s daunting if you don’t have a workflow process that works for you and your company.

Market research firm IDC says that ​inefficient processes cause organizations to lose 20-30% of revenue every year.

Design your customized workflow processes and become more efficient by:

  • Begin by setting SMART goals and expectations for yourself and the company.
  • Next, establish routine and open communication channels with your teams and clients.
  • Ensure you clearly identifying the role of each team member. That way everyone understands their duties and knows who responds, or reports to who, in each situation.
  • Have defined deliverables of what you will accomplish. When you will accomplish it by. And how you are going to accomplish it.
  • Using technologies like chat messaging and workflow automation software to streamline your communications. Saving you valuable time and effort.

Workflows are meant to be flexible and agile, just like your business. As your business grows and adapts, so will your workflow process. Remember to check in with your teams every month to see if any modifications need to be made.

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