Top 3 AI Applications for Marketers

You’ve probably heard: AI is the future. From telling Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights. To using Snapchat filters that track your funny facial expressions. AI applications are everywhere in our everyday life. 

A Business Insider’s report shows over 51% of marketers use some form of AI and 27% of marketers are planning to incorporate it.

AI is transforming the marketing industry. It’s using human-like intelligence to connect, analyze, and optimize customer journeys.

Here are 3 AI applications that you can use to up your marketing game: 

1. Chatbots 

Firstly, AI-powered chatbots are used to interact conversationally with humans.

Consumers today are bombarded by email campaigns and pop-up ads on every website they visit. Most of the time, consumers are just looking for a solution to their problem. Chatbots open up a new channel for marketers to directly address consumers’ pain points.

The shift from content marketing to interpersonal marketing is possible with the help of chatbots. 

AI chatbots application

If you want to learn more about chatbots, check out our other blog post on the benefits of using digital assistants. Or talk to a Chatnels chatbot today!

2. Predictive Analysis 

The internet is like a huge human behaviour experiment. As a result, everything you do online is documented as data sets. However, humans alone are incapable of analyzing them all. So, AI comes in for the rescue!

Predictive analysis uses data, statistical algorithms and AI techniques to help marketers identify future outcomes. You can make predictions of customer behaviour on your website. And use it to optimize your campaign. 

According to Aberdeen, companies that identify consumer needs through predictive analytics generate +9% organic revenue.

In marketing, historical data will always be the one that drives strategy and planning. But now, predictive analytics is the next step of using those data for marketing success.

3. Content Generation and Curation 

Marketers understand how much work, persistence, and patience content marketing takes to see actual results.

But what if there is a robot that can help you generate curated content and deliver it to the right people on the right platform?

In fact, automated content generation and curation are not far from us. For example, the Washington Post’s robot reporter published over 850 articles in 2017.

AI can help us find interesting topics and create initial drafts based on certain parameters. They can even map out an end-to-end content strategy based on data and prediction. 

We still can’t predict the future of AI in marketing. Maybe one day, AI will write blogs like this!