Leveraging Conversational UX for Business

Gone are the days of navigating through a tedious menu. So, you want to listen to music. Just say to your smart speaker, “Hey Alexa, play some jazz”.

This change in digital interaction is substantial, and the rapid market growth tells a fitting. The digital assistant market was valued at 3.7bn USD recently, soon to expand to 8 billion assistants in use by 2023. So, why are digital assistant products like Google Home and Amazon Echo so successful? A contributor was that they are companies that designed with user experience in mind. More specifically, they take a focus to conversational user experience (UX) as their playing field.  

Well, what exactly is Conversational UX?

Firstly, we need to talk about UX. Here’s a brief introduction to this lucrative industry. It’s an all-encompassing, consistent thought-process for interaction between a user and a product. It’s an extension of a brand experience, and how a consumer perceives your product or service. 

Diving further, conversational UX is the use of chat, voice, and technology that mimics a normal conversation into the experience. It’s the alternative to confusing menus and navigation in software. Although we immediately think of a voice activated product like Alexa – conversational UX also comes in the form of text-based chat. A great example is Chatnels, where our digital assistants can be set up for any conversational need. Strong use-cases arise for any place you may normally have a human conversation, like answering FAQ, or filling in forms.

Benefits of a Conversation

There’s two sides to this coin: UX and business goals.

On one hand you’re building an engaging user experience. You reduce the resistance to complete a goal. It feels more engaging and it also gives your user control. All of this comes together to make the customer journey smooth and enjoyable for the sake of… business.

On the other side, there is a return on investment on conversational UX! Good news for businesses. You can see an increased number of conversions, or reduced resources used for customer support. Another benefit is having a positive impression for consumers that may purchase from your brand in the future.

Elevating your Products and Services

It can be as simple as purchasing software or a platform that has a digital assistant with conversational UX. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but a core element to Chatnels is our digital assistant! We’ll help drive business growth and relationships for conversational UX that you can customize to suit whatever context you need.  

For best practices, see CMS Wire for some key tips.

There you have it. Try Chatnels today for free.