Chatnels Case Study – Safe Wait

Chatnels can help protect against COVID-19 as we return to normality. Minimizing exposure will avoid resurgence.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented our healthcare system with many challenges. The impact extends beyond direct issues of identifying and treating those of us affected by the virus. COVID-19 has disrupted our entire healthcare system, including the provision of routine doctor appointments and surgical services. 

Chatnels has partnered with healthcare organizations and other technology firms to create various health engagement and communications platforms. These technologies help healthcare professionals and patients interact during physical distancing and isolation.

What did we do? 

Waiting Room Physical Distancing 

The “Safe Wait” feature is a partnership between WelTel’s patient engagement platform, Excelar Technologies’ data broker and Chatnels’ AI-powered chat messaging platform. “Safe Wait” allows for virtual patient check-ins so people aren’t crowded together in the waiting room.  

How does it work?

  1. Scan the QR code with your phone at the clinic for automatic check-in
  2. Choose to receive broadcast feed updates on estimated wait time 
  3. Decide to answer notification prompts in preparation for your appointment (ie. describe your symptoms)
  4. Receive a message when to come inside for your appointment 

How did this help? 

Technology like this coordinates the scheduling, summoning, arrival and triage of patients as they return to medical clinics. This helps maintain physical distancing protocols. 

Public health in different regions of Canada are allowing healthcare clinics to slowly resume operations. The availability of the “Safe Wait” feature will help reduce potential exposure to the virus and minimize the risk of resurgence of COVID-19. Keeping healthcare providers and other patients safe. 

Together, we can adapt to a new normal. 

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