Chatnels Case Study – Quince

COVID-19 has put a strain on our supply chains. An essential supply chain that keeps our world going is the role of grocery stores. Even before the pandemic, it was clear that produce procurement and produce vendors needed a better way to communicate.

Because procurement managers get daily price lists from hundreds of different vendors, it’s a big task to sift through them all to decide what to order each day. Sending these lists through email is cumbersome, and some of the vendors have thousands of products to choose from.

Did you know there are over 7,500 different types of apples?

This is what Chatnels enterprise solution provided for Quince – a product ordering analytics platform. Quince is currently testing Chatnels embedded on our test site for them to use for demo purposes to show how chat can be useful in the supply chain environment.

What did we do?

Build customized buy-sheets.

Sort multiple vendor price lists for easy selection and automatic pricing.

How did this help?

When head office get price lists from a number vendors they can use Quince to categorize all of them. Because the app combines all the price lists and into one clear to read spreadsheet, it makes things much easier for managers to decide on what and from who to order from and then send it to each of their stores.

Create digital order guides.

Stores can use these digital guides to write multiple vendor orders at once.

How does this help?

Stores order from vendors and send out order forms. Each purchase order is embedded with a chat link. If the vendor has any issues or questions fulfilling the order or needs to bridge in others such as the driver, they can use chat to communicate relating to the order in realtime.

Connect each store directly to vendors and head office.

Allow for unparalleled and instant communication between stores, vendors and head office.

How did this help?

Quince can use Chatnels to broadcast update feeds to the stores and for stores to communicate with vendors and head office using chat.  With chat, there is chat history to help with continuity of the ongoing discussion.

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