A Centralized Hub for Modern-Day Brokers

We provide you with all the tools you need to automate and manage your service workflow.

Streamline Client Engagements

Having effective communication tools helps brokers create better relationships with their clients. Chatnels helps you keep up with all of them.

A meeting space for all your communication resources

  • Use multiple touchpoints like email, SMS, embedded chats and QR code
  • Combine your communication tools into one common environment
  • Route clients to the right broker on your team
  • Save all the context from previous chats to use in seamless hand-offs and follow-ups

Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities

Chatnels lets you create interactive Flow Bots and Intent Bots that can speed up and automate your mortgage lead qualification processes.

Customizable Chat Bots and Bot Builder

  • Run machine learning AI that learns from your previous conversations
  • Trigger bot actions with no-code logics and rules defined by you
  • Send personalized messages that engage clients with a human touch
  • Digitize greetings and assessment forms

Easy to Use. Easier to Manage.

With Chatnels, your teams are no longer scattered across different channels. Chatnels helps you integrate your team chats into one convenient place, so every broker can see what’s going on and who needs help. 

Stay on track, even while collaborating

  • Group conversations by brokers or topics by implementing custom chatbot logic and rules
  • Pick up where the bot left off with quick chat overviews
  • Collaborate with shared team inboxes
  • Streamline task management and chat progresses